Client: A Canadian-based mid-sized non-profit company focused on improving workplace health & safety through training, education, consulting and other resources.



Our client is a training and consulting company focused on workplace health & safety.  Most of their solutions are traditional on-site services. They recognize the potential for massive disruption of their industry through new technologies such as remote learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, micro-learning and gamification.  They also recognize that traditional training methods need to be reconsidered given the impact of new demographics and learning preferences. They needed executive and director-level strategic support to help understand the fundamentals of leadership through disruption.  Rather than rush to adopt new technologies, they elected to first build internal capacity to establish leadership through a period of significant change.


Dispatch provided strategic support for the CEO and executive team as they developed a new strategic plan and organizational structure to prepare for new business models.  We provided seminars and workshops across the organization on the impact of disruption, how to measure and manage through times of change, and how to adapt startup-company thinking to a traditional organization. We also helped them craft and implement authentic  values that support the new direction of the organization. Throughout this project, Dispatch became the trusted advisor on a large variety of topics related to change and helped the client establish a strategy that has been fully embraced by the executive team, the organization and the board.