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Software as a Service (SaaS) company in the employee scheduling, time, and attendance space


Our client is a leading HR software vendor that has developed a mobile-centric employee shift scheduling and time & attendance solution. This comprehensive solution is ideal for organizations of all sizes that have hourly and shift-based workforces. In addition to providing management tools to set-up and manage shift schedules, the solution includes advanced functionality such as enabling employees to swap shifts with each other via their mobile devices. These types of features reduce overtime, improve staffing flexibility and improve employee morale.  

It is important to our client that their application easily integrates with core Human Capital Management systems their customers may already use. In particular, many of their customers use BambooHR as the system-of-record for employee data. Our client asked us to build and manage an integration that automatically syncs employee changes in BambooHR with user records in their application.

Another advantage of a high-performance integration with BambooHR is the ability to have the application listed in the BambooHR marketplace. This was a great opportunity to increase their visibility to BambooHR users looking for a premium scheduling solution.


We used Handshake, Dispatch’s proprietary integration platform to create a solution that updates our client’s product with employee changes made in BambooHR. Synchronizations happen every minute, and the integration includes comprehensive error handling if there are any problems with the integration or the data.  One significant advantage of Handshake is the ease of adding new end-customers. Our client uses Handshake APIs to create a simple onboarding procedure within their application that gets their customers up and running in just a few clicks.


  • Our client has an automated and robust integration with BambooHR that meets the needs of their customers.
  • Our client’s application is now featured in the BambooHR app marketplace, generating new customer leads for them.
  • The integration is positioned as an add-on service that can generate additional revenue.

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