Receive up to $15,000 in Funding for a Digital Adoption Plan

Take your company to the next level of performance with Dispatch as your certified CDAP advisor.

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The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) provides grant funding for up to 90% of the cost of developing a strategic digital adoption plan, up to a maximum of $15,000. CDAP Canada offers small and mid-sized businesses a golden opportunity to assess their current processes and technology stack and create a plan for digital adoption.

Using CDAP Funding, Dispatch Can Help You Unlock the Power of Advanced Digital Solutions for Your Small Business

Digital technologies can help your company accelerate sales, improve efficiency, increase business agility and insights, and deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences. A digital adoption plan by Dispatch can help you get the greatest impact from this remarkable funding initiative.

Dispatch Provides The Following Skills & Services


Specialized skills that can help you maximize the value of your data by incorporating advanced analytics solutions and processes throughout your business. Data analytics can unlock insights and drive better decision making across every company dimension – including sales, service, finance, operations, HR, and marketing.


Specialized skills that can help define and develop workflow capabilities to enable you to automate, track, and manage processes and projects.

Advanced digital technologies, including machine learning, robotics, and AI can help you create automated and intelligent operational processes that can improve quality, efficiency, and agility.
Advanced project management systems can help accelerate and de-risk projects through their entire lifecycle from idea to launch.

Financial Services

Specialized skills to help streamline financial workflows internally and introduce secure and reliable solutions for payments and other financial transactions with customers and partners.

Human Resources

Specialized skills that can assist you in developing efficient processes for your workforce throughout their entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement. Digital HR solutions can reduce manual administration and data entry, streamline and error-proof HR processes, and deliver exceptional candidate and employee experiences.

Customer Service

Specialized skills to help you adopt tools and services to digitally engage customers. You can transform service processes to improve the customer experience while reducing cost, cycle times, and effort. Digital solutions include integrated communication channels (live chat, email, video chat, chatbots, or text messaging), automated self-service, virtual agents, integrated knowledgebases, and service desk management and analytics tools.

Marketing/Sales/Inventory Management

Specialized skills to help you streamline your order-to-cash processes, manage inventory, and introduce multi-channel sales platforms. Modern technologies can improve configure/price/quote processes and ensure your sales activities are directly linked to operational systems for delivery of solutions to your customers.

Cyber Security

Specialized skills to help guide you in the adoption of tools to mitigate cybersecurity risks. Advanced solutions can help you reduce the risk of a company breach, which can be catastrophic for SMEs. Cybersecurity systems can help protect you from ransomware, avoid the loss or exposure of sensitive data, and ensure fast recovery from any kind of cybersecurity incident.


1. Confirm CDAP Eligibility

Confirm your eligibility for CDAP funding.

2. Contact Dispatch Integration

Let’s discuss the CDAP program and the applicability for your business.

3. Submit an Application

Apply to CDAP for approval. If you need assistance with your application, please contact us for support.

4. Choose an Advisor

Once approved, select Dispatch as your CDAP Advisor.


Dispatch can assist you throughout your CDAP journey.

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