Insights by Dispatch

Integration Monitoring System

Insights is a customized portal to view and monitor the history and health of all your Workday integrations.

Custom designed for Workday, Insights provides real-time integration monitoring across your entire portfolio of integrations.

Insights gives you up to the minute statistics on integration performance, warnings, errors and failures.

Zoom out to look at historical trends and anomalies, or zoom in to see how integrations are running right now. Segment and monitor integrations by business unit, geography, function and criticality.

Insights not only displays integration performance in real-time, but it can also send automatic alerts via email and messaging services to IT and business personnel as issues are detected. Insights can be integrated directly with your IT service desk to generate automatic tickets based on integration failures and anomalies.

Insights can be supercharged with the addition of Sentinel, Dispatch’s data quality monitoring system. Insights ensures you are always aware of the status of your integration portfolio, and Sentinel gives you peace of mind that the data flowing between applications and services is good.

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