API-led infrastructure rebuild for Auto, Homeowners, Farm & Commercial Insurance company

Architecture | Design & Systems Integration | Enterprise

Client: Our client is a Canadian-based mid-sized property & casualty mutual insurance company.



Our client had undertaken a significant project to modernize its IT infrastructure. They wanted to ensure their technology remained a competitive advantage in traditional sectors while providing flexibility to enter new markets, quickly launch new products & solutions, and adapt to new market entrants, technologies, and opportunities.

They selected Mulesoft as a core component of their IT infrastructure.  They understood that an API-led infrastructure maximizes flexibility while maintaining the highest levels of security & performance.  Dispatch was asked to support the project through provision of Mulesoft & integration best practice expertise.



As a Mulesoft certified partner with local qualified resources, Dispatch was selected as an integration partner to provide expertise and development resources.  This is a multi-year project that has resulted in a complete overhaul of IT infrastructure. Mulesoft is a core component of their new IT infrastructure, and Dispatch resources served as senior development team members throughout the project.