Integration Case: Architect & Design of Customer Survey and Employee Data Integration Strategy for High-End Retailer

Strategy | Architecture | Design & Systems Integration

High-End National Retailer


This retailer needed to access their employee data for the creation of a web-based dashboard of customer survey information. A major roadblock in the project was the ownership and management of Workday by their parent company, making them unable to build any integrations directly in the production system due to security standards that were in place. The client required senior integration & business strategy expertise to determine the best path forward.


Dispatch was engaged to Architect and Design a lightweight solution that would give the client access to the employee data while adhering to the security requirements. Through Dispatch’s partnership with Workato, a robust, traceable integration solution was rapidly designed and implemented that ensured all HR data in the dashboard would remain up-to-date with the employee information residing in Workday.