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Dispatch is a proud Platinum Partner of Workato, and we’re even prouder today to learn that Workato is now ranked #1 by Gartner Peer Insights. This is a reflection of the hard work of everyone at Workato to build an exceptional product, guided by the remarkable vision of Vijay Tella and the rest of the Workato leadership team.

The evolution of the iPaaS market is accelerating, and we’re seeing a new generation of fully cloud-native solutions emerge.  The fact that Dell is contemplating the spin out of Boomi may be a reflection of this shift. Boomi is a great solution that many enterprises rely on for business-essential dataflows, but as a two-decade-old product, it, like many previous-generation iPaaS platforms, carries forward legacy paradigms that don’t fit the needs of next-generation app ecosystems.

At Dispatch, we build mission-critical integrations and workflow automation solutions. Through our work with dozens of companies across many different industries, these are some of our observations:

  • No enterprise application stands alone. Every modern app is a component of one or many different business processes, and each app receives, transforms, and feeds data to and from other applications. Data integrations are not nice-to-haves…they’re mandatory, which is making iPaaS a core element of IT strategy.
  • Research done at Microsoft in 2019 found that the average enterprise has 1,000 unmanaged apps, 129 managed apps, and each user needs 35 apps to do their job. This kind of app ecosystem requires hundreds of integrations and generates thousands of integration events every day. The ability to manage and govern a complex integration catalog is a fundamental requirement for any modern iPaaS.
  • Enterprises rely on terabytes of business-critical data, which can include Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), and company confidential data to flow across the open internet between applications. The “gaps between the apps” can be a security weak-point, and a modern iPaaS needs to be ultra-secure with strong encryption, end-point controls, user management, logging, and auditing capabilities.
  • App ecosystems evolve rapidly. At any point in time, applications are being upgraded, reconfigured, or replaced. Companies merge, spin out, enter or leave lines of business and are constantly adopting new technologies. Integration projects need to be fast and nimble to keep up with the needs of the business. The old paradigm of months-long integration projects requiring scarce and specialized skill sets is no longer valid.
  • Scalability and reliability are significant concerns. Many business processes require integrations to process huge amounts of data, often in lumpy bursts (for example, running payroll with millions of records for thousands of employees). Integrations can’t be a bottleneck, and iPaaSs need rapid and automatic scalable surge capacity. When transient issues occur, the integration platform needs to detect, resolve and reprocess automatically.
  • Businesses need workflow orchestration, not just behind-the-scenes data synchronization. Creating simplified business processes and user experiences that span applications is increasingly important to streamline workflows, eliminate errors and prevent cloud app fatigue.

Workato meets the needs listed above better than any vendor we’ve worked with. We’ve now built hundreds of integrations using Workato, and we have yet to run across a use case where we felt limited by the solution. Because each project is faster and less expensive than if built using other tools, we’ve been able to deliver more creative and innovative solutions that would have been cost-prohibitive using older platforms.

Workato’s emergent success is no surprise and is the result of the confluence of a powerful vision combined with great execution. In many ways, they are a great example of Dr. Clayton Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma – incumbents discount new entrants until they suddenly find themselves disrupted by them.

Congratulations to Vijay and the Workato team on reaching this milestone!


Dispatch Integration is a software development and professional services firm that develops, delivers, and manages advanced data integration and workflow automation solutions. We exist to help organizations effectively deal with the complex and ever-changing need to integrate data and optimize end to end workflows between cloud-based, mission-critical applications.

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