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The Team

Cameron Hay


Cameron Hay is the CEO and co-founder of Dispatch Integration, a data integration and workflow autom...

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Gavin Hay

President & CTO

Gavin Hay is the co-founder, President and CTO of Dispatch Integration with experience leading high ...

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Kathryn Atwell

Director, Project Management & Operations

Kathryn is a highly experienced Project Manager in the IT industry and in the public sector, and has...

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Brett Shellhammer

Associate Senior Integration Specialist

Brett Shellhammer has over 25 years of experience, including in Executive Management, in the softwar...

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Rob Lamonica

Director, Professional Services

Rob Lamonica is a seasoned business analyst, integration consultant, project manager, and solutions ...

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Derek Smith

Vice President, Business Development

Derek Smith has over 25 years of leadership experience in various technology-oriented companies incl...

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Laura Williams

Director, HR Solutions

As the Director of HR Solutions at Dispatch, Laura leads client major projects in HR & benefits, and...

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Mark Williams

Senior Integration Solutions Consultant

Mark has extensive experience as a software developer and integration consultant, delivering on proj...

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Irfan Patel

Senior Integration Consultant

Irfan has built Workday integrations for various vendors for payroll, benefits, HR data using studio...

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Brad Cave

Senior Integration Consultant

Brad Cave is a Senior Integrations Consultant whose expertise includes data analysis, conversion, an...

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Gautam Mandal

Integration Consultant

Gautam Mandal is technical expert in multiple operating systems, programming languages, and software...

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Stephen Fontana

Project Manager

Stephen Fontana is a seasoned Project Manager with experience in managing projects for international...

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Ainsley Price

Systems Analyst & Projects Administrator

Ainsley is an experienced Project Manager with expertise in Project Administration, Project Manageme...

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Ben Lemire

Senior Business Analyst

Ben Lemire is an experienced Business Analyst and Data Integration Specialist. He specializes in dat...

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Nicolas DiGiulio

Senior Integration Consultant/Workato Solutions Lead

Nicolas DiGiulio is an integration solutions architect with experience as a Senior Workato Integrati...

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Andrew Castle

Junior Data Integration Specialist

Andrew Castle joined Dispatch Integration in September 2019. He has built integrations with the Work...

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Sherman (Sher) Yim

Integration Specialist

Sherman (Sher) Yim has over 10 years of experience in system support and project delivery....

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Baraa Al-Rawi

Junior Integration Specialist

Baraa Al-Rawi specializes in Workato workflow automation and data integration platform. He is profic...

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Nirmala Venugopal

Business Analyst

Nirmala Venugopal is a HCM consultant (Workday & SAP) with 10 years of Information Technology experi...

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