Meet Sentinel

Sentinel ensures total certainty of all of your data, all the time.

Sentinel is a real-time enterprise data quality monitoring and alerting system.  Sentinel uses business logic and statistical techniques to monitor the data flowing between cloud-based enterprise applications to assess the content in payloads as they move from system to system.  If suspected issues are detected in the actual data, Sentinel alerts the integration owner to review and correct any issues before they become business problems.

The quality of data flowing between applications may be compromised by many factors.  The wrong files may be inadvertently sent, files may be corrupted or malformed, manual data sets may be incorrectly entered, and sensitive data may even be subject to fraud or manipulation.  Sentinel inspects files as they move between applications and assesses their quality based on criteria you define, as well as similarities to files previously sent.  It’s smart enough to learn changes caused by seasonality or other normal events.  And it will generate smart alerts if it detects unusual anomalies in data before it can be ingested in downstream applications.


Learns your data processes inside and out
Sentinel is an intelligent data analytics solution that protects your business by constantly monitoring your most valuable and sensitive data as it flows between applications and services. Sentinel uses business logic and machine learning to review, analyse and report on the quality of the content of files sent between enterprise systems. It works in near real-time, alerting you to potential data quality anomalies 24 hours a day.


Trustworthy and timely alerts

Sentinel is smart, continuously training itself to recognize what is ‘normal’ in all of your unique data integrations. It works to ensure that the data flowing between your systems are always correct. If Sentinel detects unusual or suspicious patterns in data being transferred, it will generate smart alerts for further investigation. These issues include common problems such as mis-formatted or incorrect files, unusual or out-of-the-norm amounts or patterns, and even potentially fraudulent files.


Works with your processes
Sentinel is 100% compatible with all cloud-based enterprise solutions including Workday.


No more manual labour
Let Sentinel take care of business. It eliminates the need for tedious and manual file reviews, allowing you to turn your focus elsewhere.

Discover how Sentinel can revolutionize the management of your data integrations

Avoid Risk.

Alleviate the potentially catastrophic risks that come with governing the transfer of valuable data and information.

Gain insight into your data transfers.

Shed light on the weak spots in your current data transfers between your own apps and with third parties.

Quality assurance, integrated.

Assure the utmost quality of the data flowing between your business systems.

Essential for your business.

Sentinel is a critical tool for any large enterprise performing high-volume, high-value, high-risk data transfers.

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