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Dispatch Product Suite

Dispatch Integration has developed Handshake™, Sentinel™, and Compare™ to address specific data integration challenges such as “one off custom development”, data integrity and real-time monitoring.

Integration Monitoring System

Sentinel is an automated and intelligent integration monitoring system custom designed for Workday. Sentinel combines a comprehensive and customizable dashboard view of integration health with a powerful failure detection and alerting engine to give you piece of mind that your data is flowing as it should.
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Smart, Simple and Fast Data Comparisons

Compare is a fully automated, secure, and easy-to-use desktop application that rapidly compares .csv and other comma-delimited files to find differences between datasets. It is a smart, simple and fast data comparison solution.

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Integration Solutions Designed for SaaS

Handshake is a complete data integration and transformation platform designed specifically to meet the unique needs of SaaS software vendors that require massive scalability, security and control of the integrations between their software and 3rd party or customer systems.

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