The Challenge:

Our client is a rapidly growing global HR services company that provides Employer of Record (EOR) and Agent of Record (AOR) services. Their customers range from small independent staffing agencies to multinational corporations.

Our client must provide seamless and near-real-time service for their customers, regardless of industry, location, or size. Operationally, this means connecting their enterprise services and payroll engine to their customers’ systems to deliver their services in a scalable and secure manner.

In the past, the process of setting up new customers was not ideal – especially because each customer has different systems, data models, and processes, and there was no integration platform to help simplify this task. The lack of integration technology meant the customer onboarding process required a lot of manual data entry and back-and-forth communication. The end-state was typically a batch-oriented file-sharing process and manual data entry, which was error-prone, slow, not scalable, and expensive.

Our client embarked on a very ambitious digital transformation of this process, with a key objective to facilitate a truly integrated customer experience. To that end, they adopted Workato’s Embedded Solution and engaged Dispatch to help them re-engineer how they connected with their customers. The objective was to provide deep integrations with their customers that can be easily tailored and deployed to serve the diverse needs of their customers.

The Solution:

Dispatch built several “canonical” integrations with the most common systems used in the industry. These integrations can be used as-is or, more commonly, tailored to how each customer has configured their systems for their businesses.
While having standardized integrations is a great starting point, it’s equally important to have an approach to onboard customers efficiently and deploy the right types of integrations for their needs.

To that end, Dispatch designed and implemented an automated customer onboarding solution that can quickly deploy integrations and enroll new or existing customers into these solutions. Once deployed, the integrations can be tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

The customer onboarding process is entirely automated, starting with a customized command-based trigger using a Microsoft Teams bot. This bot collects information from the user about the customer’s needs, then triggers  an automated approval-based workflow that drives the provisioning of the right ecosystem of integrations in Workato, which vary from customer to customer.

This automated approach is flexible and includes process extensions, workflows, and rules that can be modified easily in a no-code environment. Workato’s approach to embedded customer provisioning uses business process notations and visual logic rules, which help business users and IT talk in a common language.


With the help of this solution, our client can quickly deploy integrations in hours instead of weeks. While effort is still required to understand each customer’s unique data models and system configurations, the Workato-based approach has eliminated substantial technical risk from the customer onboarding experience. In many cases, the Workato-based integrations leverage APIs and can achieve near-real-time data flow. Additonally, in cases where APIs are not available, file-based flows can still be orchestrated using Workato.

Rishabh Sharma
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