Author: Siddharth Verma




Our client is a high-growth firm providing strategic guidance and custom solutions in staffing, technology & managed workforce services to Fortune 500 corporations, primarily in Healthcare Information Technology, where they are a market leader in consultant sourcing and placement.




Our client initiated a digital transformation project to replace their existing consultant employee lifecycle management, time tracking, and payroll systems with more scalable and performant solutions orchestrated with a market-leading enterprise automation platform.


This transformation would replace thousands of hours of manual work with stable, secure, and scalable, automated processes to support consultants throughout their placement at a client – handling onboarding, time tracking, and offboarding. The project would also modernize the company’s placement management, billing, and payroll processes. A complete transition to enterprise automation was envisioned, replacing obsolete systems with modern ones, identifying and excising manual data entry, and establishing a robust reporting and data visualization framework to ensure regulatory and audit compliance. All this had to be completed within a hard five-month deadline to ensure that value could be demonstrated as quickly as possible.


To accomplish this, our client acquired the Bullhorn CRM/ATS suite and Workday HCM, Finance, Payroll, and Benefits. While the project team received support from vendors and a Workday partner for individual systems configuration, they required a next-generation workflow automation and integration solution to orchestrate their mission-critical business processes. To that end, they acquired Workato as their strategic workflow automation platform.


Workato is a compelling solution that doesn’t require specialized technical skills to deliver enterprise-grade integrations, and the company was able to spin up a highly competent integration team quickly with Workato skills.


In addition to their internal team, the CIO recognized that engaging a Workato partner with substantial experience in both Workato, Workday, and their specific business processes would be critical to success. Dispatch was engaged to help translate their most sophisticated automation requirements into automation solutions that fully met their needs.




Digital transformation projects of this magnitude are complex, and Workato proved to be an indispensable core platform to ensure business processes could be automated end-to-end. Its ease of use, pre-built connectors, and security & governance frameworks were essential for fast, agile, and high-quality solution development and deployment.


Following Dispatch’s proven DIVE automation project framework, the Dispatch project team developed and implemented a full suite of integrations that automated all essential business processes. The new business processes, powered by Workato, enable consultants to be hired, paid and terminated completely automatically.


Using Workato as a central clearinghouse for employee data, Dispatch built employee management integrations that would detect consultant activity in Bullhorn ATS (such as placements onto a project, name & salary changes, and so on), determine the appropriate action to take based on a logic engine built using Workato and deliver the appropriate data to the correct destination in Workday.


This solution fully automates employee lifecycles from onboarding to offboarding and integrates complex finance and payroll processes.




Our client met its go-live target with a total digital transformation of all in-scope processes within a five-month project timeline. The solution is scalable and can be easily updated and refined as business needs evolve. Thousands of manual data entry hours have been eliminated, employee and client experience has improved, and the business now has a core infrastructure capable of handling rapid growth.


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