I want to do a shout out and a very belated welcome to Laura Williams.  Laura is the Director of HR Solutions at Dispatch and has been working with us since October 2019. Since her first day with us, Laura has enhanced our ability to drive value with our clients and enriched our culture.

Laura has had an extraordinary career in HR & Benefits strategy, design, and implementation with globally recognized leaders in HR & risk management, including Hewitt, Aon, and Morneau Shepell (recently acquired by HUB International).

Laura and I first met over a year ago when she was at a prior employer. I was instantly taken with her passion for data-driven decision making, her interest in the application of advanced data analytics in the HR & risk management spaces, her in-depth domain knowledge in benefits management, and her confident & warm leadership style.

We do a lot of HR workflow automation and data integration work at Dispatch, and we were very excited at the opportunity to bring on Laura as a part of our team. Laura is not an “IT” person or developer. Instead, her HR domain knowledge and experience help guide our clients and our dev teams to reframe business problems so that we develop solutions that maximize business value. Laura’s location in Vancouver was also ideal as this is a strategic location for the growth of our team.

Laura has already made a significant impact on projects with our clients – and especially those that involve insurance and benefits carriers. The business workflows and data models in this domain can be particularly complex, and poorly conceived automation projects can be brittle and have frequent and frustrating failures. Laura’s experience in this area helps us design automation solutions between HRIS systems and benefits carriers, which are resilient and maximize value.

For Laura, it was a big decision to move from a large benefits management organization to Dispatch. Dispatch typically solves hard problems with code, which is a bit of a departure from services-oriented benefits consulting companies. What is not a change for her is the consultative approach taken with Dispatch clients to solve their problems and the focus on developing long term relationships with them. There were a few things that attracted Laura to make Dispatch the next stage in her career. She was very intrigued by how such a small company could make such a big impact on so many large national and international companies. She was interested in exploring what a boot-strapped start-up culture was like. She was excited at the challenge of being in an accelerated learning environment that would take her outside of her comfort zone in many ways while still providing an opportunity to leverage her strengths. And she was enthusiastic about being a part of the leadership team of a young company with great prospects.

In Laura’s words, “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with such a smart team of professionals, to build innovative solutions to help the amazing roster of clients that Dispatch has built up!”

We are grateful to have Laura on our team.

About Dispatch Integration:

Dispatch Integration is a software development and professional services firm that develops, delivers, and manages advanced data integration and workflow automation solutions. We exist to help organizations effectively deal with the complex and ever-changing need to integrate data and optimize end to end workflows between cloud-based, mission-critical applications.

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Cameron Hay is the CEO of Dispatch Integration, a data integration and workflow automation company with clients in Canada, US, Europe and Australia. He has over 30 years of leadership experience in various technology-oriented industries.

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