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Expense Report Synchronization Using Workato


A Leading Genetic Medicines Company


Our client was implementing Oracle Cloud and was faced with the challenge of keeping expense report information synchronized between Expensify (the expense management system) and Oracle Cloud’s Invoices.

One of the issues that Dispatch Integration had to overcome was that the state in which the expense report would be based depended on whether the report contained reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses.


Dispatch used the Workato integration platform to complete the development, and the integration was tested and into production within the client’s stated time frame.

To address the stated issue, Dispatch took a two-pronged approach where we handled expense reports with only non-reimbursable differently than those that contained reimbursable expenses. By staggering the timing, we were able to avoid any conflicts.

Dispatch provided design, development, and implementation services for this enterprise-grade integration solution within Workato.


This integration allowed the client to automatically keep the data aligned between Expensify and Oracle Cloud without requiring any human input by providing a real-time feed of the data from Expensify into Oracle Cloud.

Dispatch also developed robust error handling and notification measures to ensure proper visibility whenever any data issues occurred within the system.

The end result is that over 1000 expense reports were processed within six months of the project live date.

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