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Integration Between Greenhouse and Workday for a Global Property Management and Development Company


A global leader in real estate services and development with over 600 properties managed on four continents.


​Our client uses Greenhouse as a best-of-breed recruiting platform and Workday as their core HRIS. Given their hiring velocity, our client needed an integration to automatically transfer approved job requisitions to Greenhouse from Workday and synchronize successful candidate details for completed job searches back to Workday.

The company used Greenhouse to hire people in various countries and for different legal entities. Therefore, the integration needed to contain logic that ensured Workday could complete the hiring process appropriate for each region. The integration also needed to accommodate internal hires and re-hiring former employees without creating duplicate records in Workday.

Automated File Delivery with Benefits Carriers


​Our client had invested in Mulesoft as an enterprise integration platform used in many of their functions. They had not previously used it in any HR application, but this was the logical choice of integration platform given their internal capabilities in Mulesoft to support and manage their integration portfolio.

Dispatch built an integration using Mulesoft that automated the transfer of approved job requisitions from Workday to Greenhouse and automated the transfer of successful candidate data back to Workday, where the business process to finish the hiring process would be completed.  When new candidates were hired, the integration scanned Workday to check if the candidate was a past employee or internal transfer – if so, the existing employee ID was allocated to the individual. A hiring package, including the candidate’s CV, was transferred to Workday to be associated with the employee record.

Automated error detection was incorporated in the solution to create tickets for business and integration exceptions if they occur. These tickets are raised in Dispatch’s ticketing system so we can resolve issues quickly – often before our client is aware they have occurred.


​This integration has saved a significant amount of manual effort in the recruiting and hiring processes at the client and has reduced the potential for errors when entering data manually. Automation between systems also reduces the amount of manual data handling, which is vital to protect personally identifiable information that may be part of the candidate record.

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