Our client is a leading healthcare network offering services across the US with a focus on complex care pediatric services.


Our client is a rapidly growing healthcare company focused on offering services to pediatric patients and their families to address their complex care needs. They have a people-centric organization, and their high growth has strained their recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes.

The client uses Greenhouse Recruiting as their core application to manage their talent acquisition processes and Google Sheets to manage job details. In addition, they use several platforms for job postings, including Indeed and Facebook. Since Greenhouse was not integrated with the job boards, there was a substantial amount of manual work to post jobs and subsequently enter candidates into the applicant tracking system. As a result, they were only posting a subset of jobs across their recruiting platforms, which limited the pool of candidates they could reach.

Our client asked us to automate posting jobs on Facebook and other platforms from jobs created in Greenhouse. Further, they wished to automate the creation of candidates in Greenhouse as people applied for jobs on each recruiting platform. Candidates would receive automatically generated emails from Greenhouse based on the screening criteria defined in that platform. If jobs were updated or closed in Greenhouse, these changes would also propagate automatically across the job boards in scope.


Dispatch leveraged Workato to build this integration in just a few weeks. We leveraged the job post and candidate record APIs for each platform to create a canonical approach for each job board in scope.

As job posts are created or updated in Greenhouse, these posts flow via Workato to each job board in real time, with a unique field mapping defined for the different services. The most challenging part of this flow was mapping the screening question types, questions, and answer types between platforms, which varies significantly by job board. As jobs are updated or closed in Greenhouse, Workato triggers logic to ensure each job board stays in sync automatically.

As candidates apply for jobs on each job board, the candidate’s personal information and answers to screening questions are encrypted and picked up by Workato. Before delivery to Greenhouse, the integration checks to determine if an existing candidate record exists; if so, the job application is tied to the existing record. If not, a new candidate record is generated, and the application to the relevant job posting is completed in Greenhouse.


This project resulted in a fully automated talent acquisition workflow between Greenhouse and several job boards. As soon as a job is created in Greenhouse, it can be automatically posted with zero additional administrative effort. As candidates apply, their information flows immediately back to Greenhouse. The result has been a substantial reduction in administrative overhead for the recruiting team. Data entry errors have been eliminated, and recruiters can now easily avoid the creation of duplicate candidate records. Our client can maximize their recruiting reach by posting all jobs across several job boards. Most importantly, the candidate experience has been significantly improved, with the time from application to response shortened substantially. This integration has improved the client’s ability to attract and hire the best candidates without increasing costs.

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