Our client is an emerging HR SaaS application provider that offers advanced recruitment technologies based on conversational AI that automates recruiting tasks and enhances candidate engagement.


The company has developed a state-of-the-art recruiting automation product that improves candidate experiences and reduces recruiter administrative effort. The fundamental nature of the product requires deep integrations with Applicant Tracking and HRIS systems. Since enterprises typically use custom fields and workflows in their HR systems, customized integrations are often needed. Our client looked to Dispatch as a trusted partner to design, build and deploy these custom integrations for some of their most valuable prospects. The intention of this partnership was to accelerate time-to-value for each new customer while leveraging Dispatch’s specialized expertise in enterprise integrations to reduce the burden of having the core engineering team manage integration projects internally.


Workday is one of the most popular comprehensive enterprise HRIS systems on the market, and Dispatch has built hundreds of integrations with this platform. Due to the high demand for our client’s solution by customers who had implemented Workday, and the proprietary skills required to use Workday’s built-in integration platform, our client asked for Workday to be our team’s primary target.

Workday is very powerful and flexible; therefore, each Workday customer has an implementation explicitly tailored for their business needs. As such, our approach was to create a canonical integration pattern built using Workday Studio that would be the starting point for each Workday customer. We could then configure and customize this canonical solution to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

We engaged directly with each end customer and leveraged our proven integration project management methodology – DIVE to ensure customer needs were understood, the integration design was robust, develop was swift, and the customer felt empowered through the entire process.

This engagement model provided confidence to both our client and the end customer and enabled the client engineering team to offload this professional services effort to us so that they could focus on core product requirements.


By leveraging a canonical integration model, we could substantially accelerate time-to-value for each new customer while still meeting their customization needs. In addition, this approach reduces implementation costs and project risk by reusing well-tested core components.

The net outcome is significantly improved implementation velocity. Integrations with Workday customers are no longer a significant project risk, and both time to value and customer satisfaction has improved substantially. Perhaps most importantly, by leveraging Dispatch, our client can focus their engineering team on delivering highly differentiated product features and feel confident that our specialized skills will deliver exceptional integrations with their enterprise customers.

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Cameron Hay is the CEO of Dispatch Integration, a data integration and workflow automation company with clients in Canada, US, Europe and Australia. He has over 30 years of leadership experience in various technology-oriented industries.

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