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Inbound Data Transformation to Sage Intacct Using Workato

The Client

A US-based financial operations company that services emerging companies with a cloud-based platform.

The Challenge

Our client was planning an upgrade to an integration that a consultant had built for them to automatically transform and load sales orders into Sage Intacct from their end-customer systems. The original integration was created in Workato, which is a user-friendly integration platform, but referenced custom code that required developer-level expertise to alter. This made the integration difficult to manage when the type and format of inbound files changed.

The Solution

After determining requirements, we reverse-engineered the custom code and developed a Workato integration recipe that replicated the functionality needed by the customer using only native Workato functions, giving the client the ability to maintain their own integration. This greatly increases flexibility to adapt to any changes with upstream systems and fully leverages the strength of Workato to integrate with a powerful accounting system like Sage Intacct.

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