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Using Workato To Integrate Workday and Greenhouse for Primary Care Provider


A primary care provider on a mission to provide affordable, accessible, and human-centric quality care to members in major markets across the US.


With their operations expanding rapidly, the Client had implemented a modern, flexible, and robust cloud-based HRIS infrastructure: Workday at the core, augmented by best-of-breed applications like Greenhouse Recruiting and Onboarding.

The Client required Workday and Greenhouse to integrate seamlessly to enable automated, efficient, and error-resistant workflows, using Workato as their integration platform.

Automated File Delivery with Benefits Carriers


Prior to the integration, the recruiting process was driven by the Recruiting team in Greenhouse; Dispatch worked with the Client to map out integration flows that transformed the process to begin with the creation of job requisitions in Workday by the HR team, while still honoring the robust metrics and reporting requirements of the original process.

While Workday is the “system of truth,” the integration also needed to consider the status of the jobs and the requisition approval process in Greenhouse, which was used to keep Workday up-to-date as the status of the job evolved.

To accommodate the fact that people are often hired without certainty around location, manager, and start date, the integration incorporated an un-hire/rehire flow. Timing of the Onboarding data augmentation was established such that the process wouldn’t hinder the un-hire flow if changes were needed.


Dispatch also provided Knowledge Transfer sessions to the Client on updating and supporting the integration themselves


From a day-to-day process perspective, the Recruiting and HR teams no longer have the manual effort of updating shared spreadsheets and transferring this data from system to system.

From a support perspective, the Client has a robust integration that was built to be simple to update for future growth and organizational changes, as well as to be re-run easily without downstream implications. Manual data entry has been eliminated, workflows have been streamlined, and the hiring and onboarding experience for new employees is improved.

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