Integration Case: Design, Build, Implement and Manage an integrated Client Intake Portal for Healthcare Case Management System

Strategy | Architecture | Design & Systems Integration

Client: Leading Social Services Case Management Software Vendor


Our client is a market leader in providing a comprehensive software platform to human and social services organizations for all their clinical and administrative operations. This platform improves quality of care, increases organizational efficiency, provides a single source of truth for all clinical transactions, and ensures the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Many social services organizations are looking for a more efficient method of accepting new clients in a pre-enrollment portal.  This would allow clients to request access to services in a secure and confidential manner, automatically create a pre-enrollment case-file, and make it easy to assign a case worker for follow-up.  The portal needs to be portable and easily managed & deployed into multiple organizations around the world. Most importantly, it needs to be a secure system to protect private and confidential information that might be conveyed by the client.


Dispatch developed a secure and configurable pre-enrollment portal and integration solution for the client.  The configurable web portal was designed to the client specifications and built with Angular – the popular web framework from Google. The web portal was integrated with our client’s system using our proprietary integration platform Handshake. The portal can be deployed in just a few hours to a social services organization with out of the box functionality, and can also be customized in a day or two if the organization has unique data capture or UI requirements.  The Handshake integration provides guaranteed delivery of messages, end-to-end encryption, and is easy scalable to hundreds of organizations.